Disposing Of Waste

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It doesn’t embarrass me to say that I find rubbish fascinating. Every human on Earth creates waste, and some of it can be recycled, some gets sent to landfill, some is incinerated and hopefully a lot of it finds a new use and is re-used.

In this section, we look at a wide range of issues affecting rubbish that’s not obviously part of your regular kerbside collections, what you can and can’t do with it in the UK, and how best to dispose of it.

  • How To Dispose Of A Mattress
    A great mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, but eventually they need replacing when they get too grubby, lose their spring, or just retain the imprint of our
  • Should I Get A Garden Incinerator Bin To Burn Waste?
    We’ve discussed burning rubbish in your garden before on the site in terms of having a bonfire and what time you can burn rubbish in your garden. While it’s legal
  • Can Broken Glass Bottles And Jars Go Into Recycle Bins?
    Recycling glass is important, as it’s one of the easiest materials to use again. However, broken glass is a well known hazard that we’re all familiar with – and easily
  • How To Dispose Of Old Exercise Equipment
    With so many people making the change to working at home in recent years, there has been a boom in the sales of exercise equipment. With space at a premium
  • How To Dispose Of A Mobility Scooter
    Mobility scooters give a new lease of life to many groups of people, with the most common being the elderly and those with disabilities that restrict their ability to get
  • How To Dispose Of White Spirit
    White spirit is most commonly used by households as part of do-it-yourself projects like decorating. By far the most common application is to clean paint brushes – it’s particularly useful
  • How To Get Rid Of Birds Stuck In A Loft
    Today’s post covers something that’s a complete pain to deal with, and luckily few people ever need to navigate. Unfortunately, since it’s a relatively rare problem, few people know what
  • How To Dispose Of Old Petrol
    The vast majority of people only ever buy petrol to put it into their car, van or motorbike. Others keep a small supply in a petrol can (also known as
  • How To Dispose Of Wallpaper Paste
    Decorating can make the world of difference to the appearance of your home, and if you’re lucky enough to be good at hanging wallpaper, the transformation can affordably cover up
  • How To Dispose Of Old Medicine
    In the UK, we’re really lucky to have a comprehensive healthcare system that’s universal. While it’s paid for as part of our taxes, we never need to worry about getting
  • Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet?
    Each month, women across the world change their tampons several times a day in the privacy of their home bathroom, at work in a cubicle or out and about in
  • Should I Get A Garden Dog Poo Bin?
    Dogs are the most popular pet in the UK, reinforcing their title as man’s best friend. Ahead of cats, rabbits and indoor animals like guinea pigs and hamsters, more people
  • What To Do With Old Video Tapes
    Video tapes are familiar to most people that are old enough to be parents, but are very rarely seen any more. They quickly got superseded by DVDs as a superior
  • How To Dispose Of Cooking Oil & Fat
    Understanding how to dispose of waste in your home or business can make a huge difference in avoiding future problems. A common thing people get wrong is cooking oils and
  • What Time Can You Burn Rubbish In Your Garden?
    Burning rubbish in residential gardens is a polarising activity. Some people consider it to be normal, while others see it as a selfish, anti-social activity that creates pollution. What are
  • Can You Compost Garden Weeds?
    Composting garden waste materials can create organic fertiliser to use in your garden. However, we’ve all had to deal with invasive weeds and other plants that seem to have no
  • Do Animal Shelters Take Duvets?
    As a site we talk about rubbish a lot, but mainly about waste collection and recycling. We’ve said several times that it’s even better if you can find another use
  • What Is Fly Tipping And How Big Is The Problem?
    We all think of fly tippers as criminals in pick-up trucks dumping huge piles of waste on country lanes in the dead of night, but how accurate is that stereotype?