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We all understand the importance of recycling to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill, or worse still in the ocean and other parts of our planet’s environment.

While most of us strive to do the right thing, and separate our waste to recycle what we can, it can be really confusing about what bin to put an item in, and what do with items that are recyclable but not take in kerbside collections.

In our recycling guides, we try to demystify the world of recycling, looking at all sorts of materials and products to help you recycle more.

  • Is Recycling A Legal Requirement?
    The biggest change in refuse collection in generations has been the introduction of recycling bins to virtually every household in the country. We all know that recycling is something that
  • Can You Recycle Plastic Bottle Tops?
    Plastic has become a bit of a hot topic due to the huge amount of waste that’s ending up in the oceans, and in turn entering the food chain as
  • How To Recycle Candles
    Candles have grown in popularity in homes across the UK, with companies like Yankee Candle selling vast numbers of their products to consumers. As a lot of candles are purchased
  • What Bin Does Wood Go In?
    Wood is a natural material, and one that we should certainly be re-using wherever possible and failing that, recycling to give it a future life with a new use. That’s
  • Can Window Panes Go In My Recycling Bin?
    Broken windows are never good, but beside the cost of replacing the window frame, glass, or both, you might also need to get rid of the sharp glass fragments left
  • What Is TerraCycle? How To Recycle With It
    The world is much better at recycling today than it was a generation ago. We all know that we need to separate our waste, we do our best to put
  • Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled?
    There are a lot of myths and apparent contradictions about what can and cannot go into recycle bins. Paper and card should be one of the more straightforward kerbside collections,
  • Can You Take Tyres To The Tip?
    Most people take their car to their nearest tyre workshop or use a mobile fitter when their tyre tread runs down or they get a puncture. That means the company
  • What To Do With Old Keys: Can They Be Recycled?
    Technology is slowly allowing us to replace the use of keys as a means of securing our property, but the vast majority of use still use them to access our
  • How To Dispose Of Light Bulbs
    Light bulbs used to be chucked in the bin with other waste for collection in the weekly kerbside collection. These days recycling of light bulbs is possible, and many types
  • Supermarket Recycling Centres: Convenient, Green and Simple?
    It’s hard to find a supermarket without a corner of the car park dedicated to recycling bins. Compared to other retailers, supermarkets have been trailblazers in leading the revolution in
  • What Are The 7 Different Types Of Plastic?
    It’s very easy to see that a product is made of plastic, it’s a material that we see all around us every day. There can be no doubt at the
  • How Can I Recycle Bubble Wrap Packaging?
    Bubble wrap is undoubtedly useful for companies shipping their products in the mail or through parcel delivery networks. What’s more the number of home deliveries has rocketed in the last
  • Can You Recycle Old Pillows?
    Pillows are one of those things that give us a brilliant night’s sleep or a terrible night’s sleep depending on how comfortable you find them. When you’ve found one you
  • How To Recycle CDs To Avoid Landfill (DVDs Too!)
    I had a moment of clarity this week, and it wasn’t for the classic reason of alcohol. My addiction has always been music, and I’ve amassed hundreds (possibly even thousands)
  • How Can I Recycle Polystyrene?
    Plastics are notoriously difficult to recycle compared to many other materials, but scientists and researchers are continually finding new and improved ways to send less to landfill. Humanity has become
  • Can I Dispose Of Books In My Recycle Bin?
    It seems like an obvious question, books are made of paper and we all have a paper and card kerbside recycling service don’t we? Hold up there, the answer might
  • How To Recycle Plastic Bags
    Plastic has been a hot topic for many years, especially in relation to ocean pollution. Thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentaries, the issue is now familiar to billions of
  • Why Food In Landfill Is Bad
    With a huge push on recycling across the UK, we all know that waste going into landfill is a big problem. Huge amounts are being spent on increasing recycling, yet